Conference Videos

JUNE 8TH, 2023

Rep. Delia Ramirez Delivers Keynote Following Remarks from Groundwork Collaborative's Lindsay Owens

Groundwork Collaborative Executive Director Lindsay Owens opens EconCon 2023 and introduces Congresswoman Delia Ramirez, the first keynote speaker of the conference, highlighting opportunities progressives have to shape our economic future.

Panel: A Generational Opportunity to Eradicate Austerity

This panel didn’t feature the same old dusty polling memos on the economy. We spotlighted the young leaders and experts who can help us to understand how the most diverse generations our country have ever seen are driving new economic narratives and how we can align with those efforts to catalyze even greater impact.

Minnesota Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan Delivers Keynote Address at EconCon 2023

Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan delivers a keynote address to EconCon 2023, detailing the progressive wins in Minnesota and how we can export those wins across the country.

Introduction by Ameya Pawar, senior advisor at the Economic Security Project.

Panel: The Progressive Economic Future Is Fueled by Public Power

From public banking to city-wide solar to social housing and a public option for insulin, this panel covered some of the most promising new examples of using public power to deliver the healthy economy that markets won’t. Panelists also shared lessons practitioners can take into their own fights for a more inclusive economy.

JUNE 9TH, 2023

White House OMB Director Shalanda Young Delivers Keynote Address at EconCon 2023

White House OMB Director Shalanda Young delivers a keynote address to EconCon 2023, highlighting the importance of these victories and seeing them through to transformative economic change.

Introduction by Felicia Wong, president and CEO of the Roosevelt Institute.

Panel: Securing an Economy that Works for Us Through Successful Implementation of the IRA

This panel featured current and former Biden Administration officials who have had a hand in crafting and implementing these very policies. They gave us an inside view into how we can secure the benefits of these policies for decades to come to ensure they transform our economy so that it truly works for everyone.

Introduction by Shayna Strom, president and CEO of the Washington Center for Equitable Growth.

Panel: Fighting Deregulation to Secure a Stronger, Healthier Economy

This panel of experts walked us through these timely examples of how deregulation has gutted protections for workers and consumers and left people and our economy vulnerable to crisis and instability. They also shared which lessons progressives must take from recent failures and offered a roadmap for fighting back against further deregulation and a path forward to reversing decades of damaging policy.

Panel: Reimagining a Federal Reserve that Works for Workers

In this panel, experts discussed how the Fed’s approach to price stability could jeopardize the incredible gains workers have made in the labor market over the course of this recovery and offered reforms to ensure that our monetary policy works for workers, especially those who have been left behind time and time again.

Panel: Success Stories in Economic Narrative Change

It’s no surprise then that narrative change on the economy has become a core priority across the progressive ecosystem. Experts who have successfully changed narratives about different facets of our economy shared case studies from their successes and lessons we can apply across the progressive movement to catalyze change.

Panel: Investing in Forgotten Places and People

This session made visible some of the people and places who have been left behind and detailed some of the investments needed to ensure all communities share in our country’s prosperity. Experts discussed specific interventions, like infrastructure and climate investments, restarting the Civilian Conservation Corps, and subsidized employment, which can shape a more inclusive economy for communities too often left out of prosperity.

Georgetown Professor Dorothy Brown Delivers Keynote Speech at EconCon 2023

Dorothy Brown delivers a keynote address to EconCon 2023, highlighting the importance of these victories and seeing them through to transformative economic change.

Introduction by Brandon McKoy, vice president at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Panel: Winning the Economy We Deserve with Tax Policy

This panel of experts showed that the upcoming fights are politically beneficial: the overwhelming majority of people agree that we must make the ultra-wealthy and megacorporations pay their fair share. They demonstrated how winning the upcoming tax fights is critical to defeating the outdated trickle-down model of taxes that has too often favored wealthy interests over the investments we need for a healthy economy and society.